Thursday, August 25, 2005

My flabbergasted response to Rio Grande's justification for price gouging.

"So, you mean that your August 2005 catalogue is not the most current? How unusual, I guess you'd better send me the most recent one so I can keep up with your prices. Do you re-issue them weekly, I mean, it's still August 2005 isn't it? Or are you currently issuing the 2006 one now?

I understand that prices fluctuate, and most retailers plan their pricing to reflect that. No other US retailler of any kind has EVER charged more than is published in their catalogue - otherwise why bother having a catalogue? Or even a website if you have to phone for the prices?

Also, does that mean that your prices GO DOWN when things like currency fluctuations are in your favour? I highly doubt it - I feel that you are just trying to justify whatever price you want to charge. What exactly increased the price of the Colores resin?

As for returning it, it would cost me MORE than the additional cost - so I'm better off financially to keep it and just swallow your extra fee.

I think this is VERY poor policy, and I will attempt to avoid purchasing from Rio Grande in the future as I could never know what you'd be charging me. I belong to a number of online groups and won't hesitate to give my opinion of Rio Grande's pricing policy in the future.

Heather Taylor"

Rio Grande's response...

Wow, a fast reply - they must have to send this out many times a day...

"Dear Heather,

Thank you for your email. The price for item 638960 is currently $108.00. If you refer to page 722 in your catalog you will see under our "pricing guidelines" section that while we do our best to hold prices steady during the course of the year, prices may still change without notice. Prices are always fluctuating due to factors beyond our control such as currency exchange rates, fuel surcharges, freight charges, raw material fluctuations, labor cots, and customs duties. We highly recommend to all of our customers to call and verify pricing before they place an order in order to avoid any surprises.

We understand that higher prices are never good news so if you feel the price of your kit is too high, you can always return it within 30 days for a full refund. I will also send you a current copy of our catalog so that you can have our most up to date pricing information.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact any of our Customer Service Representatives at 800-545-6566 (7 AM - 6 PM, US Mountain Time) or at and they can assist you with any additional questions you may have.

Rio Grande
Written Response"

Note to Rio Grande

Finally today I sent a note to Rio Grande about the overcharge. This is what I wrote:

"RE: Invoice No. 000000 I was charged $108.00 for item no. 638960, the complete Colores Resin system. Your August 2005 catalogue shows that item on plage 710 as $97.50. Please credit my VISA with the difference. Thank you. Heather Taylor"

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