Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bead Storage - Solution No. 1

Okay, I think I have tried almost every type of bead storage going. Stores sell beads in a variety of ways, in little tubes, vials, ziploc baggies and in hanks (strung). What do you do with them when you get them home?

Tubes and vials work only for some types of beads (typically seed beads). Tubes, especially fall down... Ziploc baggies eventually lose their zip, and once you cut the hank, where do you put those beads???

Solution No. 1 that I tried were the little round aluminum tins that come with a clear top, and several fit into an aluminum tin. They are beautiful, and it seemed like a wonderful way to store beads. They sell them at Lee Valley Tools, and John Bead(a wholesaler). Of course they come in lots of sizes, BUT, and this is a big BUT - the lids just sit on the top. Making bead spilling ever so easy LOL. So, even though I bought a bunch of these, I now tend to use them for colour palette work (i.e. dumping various bead into them to see how I like them together). The nice clear lid means I can glance at them, and it keeps the dust off.

If they ever decide to make them with screw top lids, I may buy more.

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