Sunday, June 19, 2005

Report on Bead and Button 2005

Bead and Button 2005 was fabulous! I was like a teenager, except it was about beads, not boys.

I was a little nervous going into Cynthia's workshop, but after 3 days of intense beading, I found it very rewarding. Don't ask what I made - I really just "sampled" - worked out design issues, etc. But I do know that something is already bubbling in my mind about this. I sat next to Suzanne McNeil (Design Originals publisher - the booklets with the Panda on them) and probably about 70% of the class were bead store owners and /or Cynthia groupies (they had taken many courses with her). They had a great class dinner at a French restaurant on the last day with Cynthia and the editors of the various Kalmbach Bead publications - I even got a diploma. Wine flowed freely, but contrary to French tradition the cheese plate was served first - mind you Wisconsin is known as the dairy state. I sat with Mindy Brooks (current editor of Bead and Button) and Marlene Vail the show organizer. I learned lots of inside stuff. Did you know that Interweave was sold recently? Did you know that the Arton couple go to Tucson? I shared a room with Maria Rypan and we sat up beading late into the night. Mind you she has more stamina than me! I also took a class with Susan Lenart Kazmer which was fantastic (you've probably seen the necklace made of old pencils she made).Anyways it was great, a real hoot, and I spent too much money on kits and beads. I've already made a ring by Laura McCabe - a real bling ring - with a 1" dia. swarovski rivoli in the centre surrounded by 46 2AB swarovski crystals (oh my).

Whew. I can hardly wait until next year!

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