Tuesday, December 07, 2004

frothing from it's large hole

Caught in a huge downpour, I'm soaking wet - and at the office. Minor I suppose, drying off doesn't really take any work.

My beadwork is calling me. Unfortunately I'm at the office, and it's at home. It talks to me, calls me, begs me to play with it. I'm sure it would email or phone if I let it! The piece I'm working on now is going in an interesting direction. It's NanC Meinhardt's Super Froth Bracelet. It's the colours that I'm pushing, and the use of a large raku bead with fringe frothing from it's large hole, tassel like.

Another one I'm doing as a cuff, with an actual cuff link for the closure. In steel and silver greys. Looks like woven metal.

A third one exists only in my mind (so far...), lets just say its silver.

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