Thursday, June 28, 2012

I have a new bike (yes, an e-bike!) and have been experiencing urban biking again after several years.  I've crafted the 5 stages of urban biking (apologies to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross) based on my experiences so far.

The 5 Stages of Urban Biking:

1.      Joy.  Sheer unbridled joy of moving quietly, quickly and by your own steam with the wind in your hair (or over your helmet).  No more crowded hot trains or buses.  No parking fees.

2.      Shock and Awe.  First time you're doored, or have a 2 ton car cut you off to park, or wrench a muscle while evading a collision another bike, or realize that nobody hears that cute tinkling bell you keep using.

3.      Rage.  Forget the cute tinkling bell, now you're shouting or swearing or both.  When did drivers / pedestrians / other bicyclists get so careless?  Why hasn't the city fixed all those potholes and maintained the roads?  Why aren't there bike lanes everywhere?  Just get out of my way!

4.      Evasion.  To minimize the rage, you find back routes even if they take you out of your way, go the wrong way on residential one way streets, maybe even go on sidewalks where there are no pedestrians (silently apologizing to nobody).  Try to leave earlier or later than the rush or delivery vehicles in the bike lanes.

5.      Acceptance.  It is what it is, some days are just better than others and the road will always be bumpy.  You aim to remember the joy and just get from A to B.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

20120506 Five from My Wall

Stuck in the Halifax Airport! :-( Will be home soon
Enjoying this fantastic sunshine!!
Wow...marine varnish really, really stinks.
Pedicure time along with some charming waxing *ouch!*
Almost thought we lost Fiona yesterday.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Completed Dallas Lovett Pieces

Highland Mist Bracelet and La Fiesta Earrings, design by Dallas Lovett.  My earrings, made to colour match the Highland Mist bracelet, my own design, inspired by Dallas.  The bracelet and my earrings use Toho permanent finish metallic mauve and Swarovski cyclamen opal beads.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Spiral Rope Variation

This spiral rope is a variation of a rope I learned from Sonoko Nozue at last year's Bead and Button show. Actually, since I scanned this, I've changed it - added another layer. Guess I'll have to re-scan it.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Broadcollar Necklace a la Julia Pretl

The scan doesn't do the colours and texture justice. There are gorgeous 30mm bugles just below the short netting and underneath the long netting.